Roadway Network Study

December 17 2018
Topics:   Traffic Impact Study
Roadway Network Study

Working in new cities always provides an exciting learning opportunity as an engineer, as no two are the same. As they grow and rebuild, they keep us humble – constantly challenging the standards that exist and pushing us to think outside of the box.
In this project we were tasked with analyzing how a proposed mixed-use development would interact with the surrounding city. The development offers a variety of uses, inclusive of residential apartments, a shopping center, office buildings, and restaurants. The ultimate goal as traffic engineers is to understand the impact that the development may have on the surrounding roadway network, and by extension, the way it will effect the people interacting with the area day-to-day. In order to do this we had to adopt an understanding of the way that people and vehicles currently move through this part of the city, as well as anticipate the way in which a development of this size could change that relationship. We had fun applying methodologies like internal trip capture, urban infill, and transit-friendly development data to a new place.
It is our job to draw together these several moving parts via the best of our quantitative skills, ingenuity, and engineering judgment. This new development is sure to draw a lot of business and do its part in the revitalization of the city.